Community Courtyard


Between the Temple and the World Lies the Courtyard

Looking for support for your practice & learning?

CSP Courtyard is membership community designed to provide a supportive space to new and ongoing students and practitioners.

Your $10/monthly membership includes:

  • Year-round twice monthly group calls. (Currently Fridays at 12pm ET with the possibility of alternate slots.)
  • For privacy, calls are not recorded.
  • Access to an online discussion forum.
  • Master Your Becoming, the first module of the Contemplative Studies Immersion.

In the Courtyard you will discuss and sustain your practice with Miles, Alison, and peers, develop a new service project, and co-create new avenues to enrich our collective learning process.

Courtyard membership is recommended for anyone enrolling in the Lam Rim Meditation Series or the  Contemplative Studies Immersion.

Join the Courtyard