Meet The Team


Geshe Tenzin Zopa is an accomplished young master and traveling teacher for FPMT. A protege from an early age of several high lamas including the late Geshe Lama Konchog and Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Tenzin Zopa spearheads numerous service projects around the world. He was featured in the award winning documentary Unmistaken Child and has authored over 20 Dharma eBooks. 


Alison Graham


An avid Dharma student, Alison is a graduate of the Interdependence Project’s Secular Buddhist Studies Program, Nalanda’s Four Year Program in Sustainable Happiness and the FPMT’s Foundation of Buddhist Thought program. Alison lives in rural Ontario, Canada with her family and farm animals.

Lainie Gratz


Artist, mother, and student of the Dharma mysteries, Lainie works as a gardener in Charlottesville, Virginia and shares her knowledge of Buddhism through weekly classes at the women’s prison.

Kohl Sudduth


Kohl ‘Seiho’ Sudduth is a longtime student in the Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism, serving in a variety of roles over the years. He works as a writer, actor, and filmmaker in Brooklyn, NY.

Miles Neale, PsyD


Contemplative psychotherapist and author of Gradual Awakening, Miles and the team developed the Contemplative Studies Program to share the gradual path integrating Tibet’s ancient wisdom with modern psychology. 

Emily Wolf, PhD


Emily Wolf is a Clinical Psychologist with a specialization in contemplative psychotherapy. For the past twenty years she's immersed herself in the study and clinical applications of Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism.

Sonam Dhargye


Sonam Dhargye is a Tibetan Buddhist ritual specialist. He escaped Tibet in 1959 with his master the late Gelek Rinpoche, became a monk and graduated from Gyuto Tantric College. In 1966 Sonam was selected by the Dalai Lama to be the youngest chant master at Gyuto Monastery. Sonam continues to offer workshops on rituals and chanting with Jewel Heart International.


Kristen McKee


Kristen is a contemplative psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and meditation instructor who has found the  integration of modern psychology and ancient spiritual practices effective and profound.  She strives to empower individuals from within by taking a compassionate approach that encourages us to view all of life’s experiences as opportunities for growth and perspective taking.

Mindy Newman


Mindy is a psychotherapist and student of Tibetan Buddhism, qigong, and thangka painting. She is very interested in the nuances of how we can thoughtfully and lovingly integrate traditional spiritual practice into our modern western lives.

Heather Shaw


Heather Shaw has been a student and teacher of yoga and meditation for nearly 20 years in NYC and currently, Portland, OR. A graduate of the Nalanda Institute’s Contemplative Psychotherapy Program and longtime student of Ethan Nichtern, Heather is both grateful and honored to be a part of the burgeoning CSP sangha.



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