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Becoming a Bodhisattva

The Mahayana Steps on the Gradual Path

Dr. Miles Neale with Sound Master Phil Jacobs

Co-hosted by Tibet House US and the Contemplative Studies Program

At the turn of the first millennium, Buddhism experienced a radical paradigm shift towards non-dualism, brought on by its quantum insight into the relative nature of reality that birthed a new emphasis on radical altruism embodied most completely by the new ideal of the master altruist or bodhisattva.

In this six-part series of classes we cover the Mahayana steps of the lam rim or gradual path of awakening containing both the insights and skills of the bodhisattva, including the cultivation of the altruistic resolve (bodhichitta), compassion through giving-and-taking (tonglen), and the modes of awakened engagement (paramitas), grounded in the non-dual view of reality. 

What you'll get:

  • Six 2.5 hour on-demand classes. 
  • Each class consists of prayers, text recitation, lecture, Q&A and guided visualization accompanied by crystal bowl and vocal harmonics
  • Unlimited access to class recordings
  • Guided meditations provided on each week’s theme for practice between classes