A Certificate Program Course


Having previously reached the milestones of renunciation and altruistic resolve (Bodhichitta) we now proceed to the next stage on the Gradual Path (Lam Rim) to awakening with an in-depth exploration of the wisdom realizing emptiness. Far from an aloof nothingness, master Nagarjuna proclaimed emptiness to be the ‘womb of compassion.’

Joined by an esteemed guest faculty of world renown scholars we will traverse the development of the Buddhist philosophy of emptiness across nearly a thousand years of history beginning with the Buddha’s Heart Sutra revealed by Geshe Tenzin Zopa, the middle-way approach of Nagarjuna taught by Professor Guy Newland, the final nonduality of relative and ultimate truths presented by Tibetologist Robert Thurman, and the relationship between nonduality, quantum physics and activism espoused by quantum theorist Amit Goswami. Interspersed, Miles will guide you on how to meditate on emptiness as well as integrate slogans from the mind training tradition into daily life such as ‘drive all blames into one’ and ‘become a conjurer of illusions’.

The Wisdom Realizing Emptiness

  • What emptiness is and isn’t in order to avert common misconceptions and unlock the most important key to spiritual development.
  • How different types of mediations practices such as concentration and insight relate and support each other
  • How to meditate on the emptiness of phenomenon, mind, and emptiness itself.
  • The true meaning of the Heart Sutra, Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form’, from living Tibetan master Geshe Tenzin Zopa.
  • How emptiness is rooted in kindness, and is the womb of compassion.
  • From Guy Newland how to avoid extremes views and emotional reactions by training your mind in Nagarjuna’s Middle Way.
  • From Robert Thurman what true nonduality is versus a “cheap” or superficial interpretation.
  • How emptiness does not take you out of the world but brings you back into greater intimacy and harmony with it.
  • From Miles some of the major slogans of the Mind Training (lojong) tradition, and how to use these pithy reminders to transform everyday challenges into growth opportunities.
  • How to avoid political polarization and hypocritical forms of spirituality.
  • How to work with social justice issues without “othering” or reinforcing shame-blame, subject-object dualism.
  • From Amit Goswami what consciousness is and its role in social activism from a quantum point of view.
  • Greater ability to stabilize your mind in meditation
  • A deepening of insight into the truths of impermanence, selflessness and emptiness
  • Feelings of detachment without apathy towards worldly affairs
  • Greater creativity and enthusiasm in addressing daily challenges
  • Less care-giver burn out, based on a more realistic understanding of how to care for others
  • The dream-like nature of things that gives rise to great bliss and the ability to play.

Workshop: Stability and Insight

Class 1: Heart Sutra

Class 2: Middle Way

Class 3: Nonduality

Class 4: Relativity

Class 5: Openness

Class 6: Unbiased Heart

Class 7: Adversity

Class 8: Quantum Activism

Over Twenty Hours of High Quality Video Includes:

Meditation Workshop: STABILITY & INSIGHT  |  4 hours

Course: WISDOM   |  8  x 2.5 hr classes

Guided Meditations

Readings & Study Suite 

Beautiful Workbook