Contemplative Studies Program

With Dr. Miles Neale


Miles welcomes you to embark on the centuries-old Gradual Path to Awakening. Together we can create a more contemplative society.



Join us at anytime from anywhere  for our online Contemplative Studies Program integrating the ancient wisdom and meditation practices of Tibetan Buddhism with contemporary perspectives from neuroscience, trauma research and psychotherapy. Commit to our entire two-year Program or just one module at a time. Enjoy high-quality video and downloadable audio formats along with syllabus, readings, guided meditations, study guides and other resources for an optimal learning experience. 



Develop a firm foundation and conceptual understanding of sacred principles and practices.


Deepen conceptual understanding into personal knowledge through collaborative discussion.


Deepen personal knowledge into embodied wisdom through meditative practice. 


Apply embodied wisdom to everyday life in the world through engagement and service.


True Refuge, includes the first 4 Modules of the CSP and is designed for independent learners. Receive a year's worth of robust content including over 100 hours of high quality video instruction and a certificate of completion. 

Join the Contemplative Studies Program now in progress, live at MindstreamNYC or from anywhere in the world via livestream.

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The Contemplative Studies Program (CSP) is based on Dr. Miles Neale's book Gradual Awakening and the the Gradual Path (lam rim) literature of Tibetan Buddhism. The program presents Tibet's ancient mind science seamlessly integrated with current neuropsychology and trauma research making it accessible to the modern mindset and relevant to our contemporary needs. The gradual path is for seekers ready to commit to the hard work, over the long haul, that it takes to heal and become fully human.


"Miles Neale’s GRADUAL AWAKENING offers a much-needed answer to the proliferation of popular spiritual teachings that promise some sudden enlightenment, as if awakening were the ultimate escape from the inexorable relativity and messy impermanence of the human condition. If you want a way through the maze of today’s pop spirituality to find the real path to full awakening, read this book!"

Robert A. F. Thurman, Ph.D.
Je Tsong Khapa Professor of Tibetan Studies, Columbia University, President, Tibet House US

"Miles Neale leads us on our own journey with neuroscience and psychotherapy drawing us back to spirit. He illuminates traditional teachings for reflection and action, from aspiration and refuge to radical altruism. This is strong and effective medicine. Gradual Awakening is a true friend and guide for bringing liberating values to life."

Sharon Salzberg
Author of Real Love and Real Happiness

"As an increasingly global community continues to confront environmental, socioeconomic and geopolitical obstacles, I hope Gradual Awakening will generate an awareness of the potential within all of us to create harmony and bring about peaceful, collaborative solutions to the issues we face. "

Richard Gere
Actor, Founder, The Gere Foundation

"A fresh new voice has emerged; Miles’ message is both fiery and clear. GRADUAL AWAKENING is a timely revelation, offering an unabashed critique of our modern materialist paradigm as well as an ancient yet accessible roadmap for those wondering what's next. On your journey of awakening and social transformation, Miles Neale is a capable ally and an adept guide."

Elena Brower
Author of Practice You and Art of Attention

Buddha’s Life Story, Your Heroic Journey

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