The Contemplative Studies Program

Pursuing Tibetan Buddhism and Meditation Along the Gradual Path of Awakening

The Gradual Path

The primary focus of the CSP is to pursue the lam rim, the Gradual Path of Tibetan Buddhism, which is over a thousand years old. The lam rim is the most comprehensive and systematic presentation of Buddhist teachings ever created. Join us on the journey of awakening for the benefit of others.

About Us

Our Offerings

Integrate the Lam Rim through Study, Meditation, Community, and Pilgrimage.


The Contemplative Studies Immersion is an eight course deep dive into Tibetan Buddhism integrated with psychology and neuroscience.

Available on-demand anytime.


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The Lam Rim Meditation Series is a year-long, three-part course emphasizing meditative practice, group coaching, and real-world application.

Live classes begin April 21.


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The Courtyard is a community membership and online space for live discussion, practice support, special events, and a group Service Project.

Join us anytime.


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Buddhist Pilgrimage

Sacred Journeys to the Source of Awakening

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