White Tara Tsa Tsa

By Padmajyoti Lisa Hyde  |  £25

Tsa tsa are a form of sacred art that is common in all of the various lineages of Himalayan Buddhism.  Usually depicting a stupa, Buddha or meditation deity, the making and sponsoring of tsa tsa are a profound way of accumulating merit and purifying obscurations.  Tsa tsa are often used as a way of honoring the deceased through mixing their ashes into the tsa tsa material and then placing the completed tsa tsas in a reliquary or in caves and other sacred places.  It is also a common practice to commit to making 100,000 tsa tsa as a part of a student’s preliminary practices, and these are also placed at sacred power places or inside of stupas to increase the magnetism and spiritual power of those locations. 


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100% of proceeds will go to 19 Buddhist Nuns sponsored by the Dorjee Zong Fundraiser for medical & educational needs.

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Reside in or around Norwich, Norfolk, England? Pre-order directly from Lisa Hyde here.

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International Purchase

Limited quantities available. All proceeds go to the Dorjee Zong Nunnery project.