The Contemplative Studies Immersion & Certificate




Take an Interdisciplinary Deep Dive into Tibetan Buddhism with Dr. Miles Neale and Special Guests

The Contemplative Studies Immersion & Certificate (160 hours) is an interdisciplinary deep dive into an understanding of mind and human flourishing based on the timeless wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism.

In this rigorous study series of eight in-depth courses with Dr. Miles Neale and special guests, you'll be immersed in the lam rim, the thousand-year old Gradual Path tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, seamlessly integrated with contemporary perspectives from psychology, neuroscience, trauma research, and more.  

What is the Lam Rim? It is the most  comprehensive and systematic presentation of Buddhist teachings ever created. Essentially, the Lam Rim is a cookbook for enlightenment, presenting all the steps and stages, insights and skills, one needs to travel from aimlessness to meaning, from dissatisfaction to freedom. So what are you waiting for, embark now on a journey of a lifetime.

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Gradual Path Sacred Literature

Along our journey you will be exposed to a treasure trove of sacred wisdom texts and commentaries
revealing the profundity of Tibetan Buddhism and the Lam Rim.

Master Your Becoming 

Not ready to jump into the entire eight-course Certificate Program? No problem, you can start with just the first course, our flagship, Master Your Becoming, with over a thousand participants to date, where you'll learn the foundations of Buddhism including the Four Noble Truths, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, and how to consciously direct your own evolution.


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