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Greetings and welcome to the Contemplative Studies Program (CSP)!

I'm Dr. Miles Neale and together with my co-founder Alison Graham and a cadre of some of the most sincere, kind hearted and earnest students from around the world, we'd like to invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment to become more fully human at a time when the planet needs us most.

The CSP was born on the heels of an unbelievable pilgrimage we took to Nepal in 2018 with our teacher Geshe Tenzin Zopa, which was the culmination of my book tour for Gradual Awakening. After such a profound experience we asked ourselves how we could continue our studies and forward momentum? What emerged was the online learning platform and website you're visiting today as well as the two-year curriculum (of the CS Immersion) that allowed us to come together from around the world, study Dharma intensively, and create a supportive community, which sustained us during the global pandemic.

The primary focus of the CSP is the study, reflection, practice, and integration of the lam rim, or Gradual Path teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, which are over a thousand years old. The lam rim is the most comprehensive and systematic presentation of Buddhist teachings ever created. It is essentially a cookbook for enlightenment, presenting all the steps and stages, insights and skills, one needs to travel from aimlessness to meaning, from dissatisfaction to freedom.

We have four primary offerings on this site. Our flagship is the Contemplative Studies Immersionan interdisciplinary deep dive into Tibetan Buddhism integrated with contemporary perspectives from psychology and neuroscience. Comprised of a series of eight courses, and featuring over 160 hours of high definition video recordings, this curriculum was our two-year 'lifeboat in the cloud' during the pandemic.

Our latest offer is the Lam Rim Meditation Series a year-long, three course series emphasizing meditative practice, group coaching, and real-world application of the Gradual Path themes to our daily lives.

Whether you choose to start with our top-down, rigorous study course, or our bottom-up, practice-oriented meditation series, we strongly recommend you meet us in the CSP Courtyard! Our third offering is a community membership and online space for dynamic, live interaction as well as the development of our group Service Project to benefit others.

Our final offer is our most intensive, an annual Pilgrimage to sacred Buddhist sites throughout Asia. These once in a lifetime tours help us connect with the lineage source of the lam rim, and inevitably inspire us to return home with the elixir of wise altruism for others.

Lastly, allow me to mention some additional opportunities to engage with us, join us live for recordings of our new Wisdom Keeper Podcast or catch them later on our YouTube Channel, sign up for our weekly e-Newsletter for special announcements and offers, visit our Blog for inspiring content, and contact us to become a Patron of the CSP to support students in financial need with scholarship opportunities.

It's no coincidence you've found your way to the CSP, where sincere and earnest students from around the world pursue spiritual awakening along the tried and true gradual path.

Miles Neale


The CSP Team

Geshe Tenzin Zopa

Spiritual Advisor


Alison Graham

Program Director


Dr. Miles Neale

Program Instructor



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