These 4 courses focus on the insights, skills and literature leading to personal healing and self-transformation. Designed for independent learners, we offer robust content including over 100 hours of high quality video instruction, guided meditations, readings and a certificate of completion.

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  • Four Archived Courses comprised of six classes each, (24 two-hour classes per year).
  • Four Archived Meditation Workshops led by Miles and special guests (five-hours each)
  • Access to a guided meditation library
  • Study Suite for each Course comprised of syllabus, readings, study guide, reflection questions and quizzes
  • Peer group discussions and support from Teaching Assistants in our Facebook group


1. Master Your Becoming

Module 1 combines a workshop on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness with six classes exploring the Four Noble Truths, including karma, dependent origination and the eightfold path to awakening. LEARN MORE 

2. Trauma Informed Dharma

Module 2 combines a workshop on Tibet’s Six Preliminary Practices including how to set up an altar and perform the water bowl ritual along with six classes exploring the nature and impact of trauma on the brain, mind, relationship, and ancestry. LEARN MORE 

3. Return With Elixir

Module 3 combines a workshop on the Tibetan visualization of Shakyamuni Buddha and the death-rebirth process along with six classes exploring the stages of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and Carl Jung’s depth psychology. COMING SOON

4. Find True Refuge

Module 4 combines a workshop on the sacred texts of Tibet’s Gradual Path (lam rim) tradition and how to meditate on spiritual themes along with six classes exploring the initial stages of the path comprised of the Four Mind Turnings, refuge and renunciation.