Master Your Becoming


A Contemplative Studies Program Certificate Module


What You Will Learn

Join our growing cohort of earnest practitioners ready to do the hard work over the long haul to spiritually mature. 

  1. The Four Noble Truths
  2. The Middle-way between self-indulgence and self-denial
  3. The Three Poisons
  4. The Twelve links of Dependent Origination
  5. The Science of Karma 
  6. The Eightfold Path of Liberation
  7. The Three Higher Trainings of Wisdom, Meditation and Virtue
  • Discover the difference between Buddhist and secular mindfulness
  • Read and chant classic ancient texts
  • Practice 30 minute guided meditations
  • Develop the skills of recognition and choice to direct your evolution
  • Break your unconscious cycles of stress and trauma
  • Consciously create a life of meaning and purpose

Nineteen Hours of High Quality Video Includes:

Meditation Workshop: Awareness  (4 hours)

Course: Initiation  (6  x 2.5 hr classes)

Study Suite & Guided Meditations

Audio downloads

Explore the Buddha's Four Noble Truths


Buddha’s Life Story, Your Heroic Journey

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