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Ayurveda Perspectives on COVID-19 & Immunity

Apr 05, 2020

One of the guiding principles explored in the Contemplative Studies Program is that we have agency. In the face of adversity we can become empowered to consciously direct our evolution towards more favourable outcomes.

What follows is an instalment in a series of assignments taken on by CSP members. Students were asked to research pandemic related subjects including economics, health and lifestyle. The purpose of the task was to engage critical reasoning in the midst of a barrage of sensational headlines and form an action plan. In a crisis, having a plan and keeping moving is critical to mental health.

This information is provided to deliver you things you should know, and things can do during the pandemic.

Five Things We Can Do

  1. Stop or strongly limit: alcohol; tobacco; medication (non-essential for life support); overeating; deep-fried or processed foods; over-exertion (even in form of excessive exercise).
  2. Keep your digestion & elimination healthy: fresh fruit & vegetables; warm lemon-turmeric-ginger water before breakfast; warm castor oil for improved bowel movement.
  3. Stay active & well-rested: mild to moderate exercise; heat-inducing yoga & pranayama; relax, rest & sleep well. If you have the luxury of sauna at home, otherwise take hot soak baths before sleep, and don’t expose to cold after.
  4. Introduce these natural ingredients into your daily diet immediately: garlic, ginger, black pepper, red chili pepper, mustard seed or spread, onion, turmeric, lemon (Vit C), echinacea, neem or holy basil “tulsi”, fenugreek, cinnamon & clove. Add Vid D in form of sunlight & Vit B in form of legumes.
  5. If running the symptoms: take high doses of Vit C & Zinc Picolinate; use cough relieving herbs if needed such as licorice & elderberry; stay hydrated with honey-lemon warm water. 

 Watch Irina’s Video on How to Make a Simple Lentil Dip/Soup using most of the immuno-stimulating ingredients mentioned above (attached).

Written by

Erica Saccente

Irina Viscun


Coming up... Yoga & Pranayama Perspectives on COVID-19 & Immunity


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