Miles Neale on the Guru Viking Podcast

Buddhas, Tulkus and Narcissists

alcoholism geshe tenzin zopa guru viking mentors narcissism podcast tulkus Jan 25, 2021

Miles sits down with Steve James of  Guru Viking to recount how an affluent but disturbed childhood with alcoholic parents and a narcissistic father drove him to self harm and dissatisfaction, and how he found solace and healing in religious practice and a series of influential mentors. 

Miles tells a remarkable story of a supernatural experience with a reincarnated child master, a ‘tulku’.

Miles goes on to addresses the conflicts between the view of his Western therapeutic training, which prizes healthy parental attachment, and his religious affiliation with Tibetan Buddhism, in which specially chosen boys as young as three years old are removed from their homes to undergo rigorous training to become avatars of their lineage tradition. Miles discusses the cultural and religious context of this practice, and the possible developmental impacts on the young boys. 

Miles reveals the secrets to being a good mentee, discusses the ups and downs of his relationships with his own mentors, and candidly discusses his own path as a practicing Buddhist and professional therapist.  

Full episode available at Guru Viking, iTunes and Spotify.