Coping With Your Shadow in Isolation

Apr 23, 2020

"Week 2 (or 3) of this great global experiment in social isolation has been throwing up all sorts of shadow aspects in our homes and in our lives. I have personally found myself staring into some of my most punitive, frustrating, and angry patterns as a lack of distraction brings little escape!

Social isolation, lack of exercise, and financial uncertainty are almost certainly going to lead to deteriorating mental health around the world.

And with this likely to be a medium term feature in our lives, it’s important we get real with it and learn how to do with our shadow aspects.

This week, fan-favourite and official coiner of the term “McMindfulness” – Dr. Miles Neale – comes back on the show to talk about how the pandemic meets all criteria of trauma, what impact that is having on our nervous systems, and how to navigate this most giant of hero’s journeys we have each been initiated into in our own way."

David Newell talks to Miles on the Inner Truth podcast.


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A Twelve-week Coaching Container for Spiritual Rebirth with Dr. Miles Neale.


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