Live Event with Tibet House US

Oct 31, 2021

Emerge from the shadow of the darkest day of the year with Miles Neale and sound master Phil Jacobs guiding you through a ritual purification and intention setting around the virtual, quantum fire. Unified by visualization and vibration we’ll shed the old, while welcoming in the energy of rebirth for the new year ahead.

The Cleansing: Evoking Tibet’s archetype of natural purity - the Diamond Hero (Vajrasattva) - held within a mythological narrative, infused with mantra and vibration, and accompanied by contemplation and journaling, we’ll collectively create a unified space of quantum possibility, transform hardship into insight, kindle and blaze altruistic aspirations, and catapult ourselves into 2022 riding pulsating cosmic waves of virtue.

Tuesday, Dec. 21st, 2021 | 7–9pm ET | $20 | Live-streamed on Zoom

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New Program


A Twelve-week Coaching Container for Spiritual Rebirth with Dr. Miles Neale.


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