Evoke the Mentor and the Jewel Tree Refuge | Step 4

Jul 11, 2021

If you’d like, start memorizing the steps and recalling them prior to hitting play on the next video in the series. By the end of our journey they will be installed in your heart.

Humans learn best through mimicry with more skilled parental figures or mentors. Unlike childhood we now get to consciously chose whom we would like to grow into. The symbolism of the tree is of a highway system connecting earth and heaven, unconscious and conscious, and the subtle body nervous system with its central channel.

The tree is also an “uplink” to source, so you can download a transmissions of wisdom and compassion from your mentor and the lineage. The Jewel Tree sanctuary is a consciously created alternative universe - safe and inspiring - to help incubate Buddhahood.

Our relationship with the visualized mentor in the next few steps will help us work on limits and cultivate virtues.

Reflections (contemplate or journal about the following):

Who is your mentor-archetype? It can be a real-world mentor, living or not, or a deity of any tradition, or a combination like nested dolls one within the other. Choose wisely, that is your destiny.

Would you like to post example images of the Jewel Tree aka refuge tree or merit field? Or post on the very powerful tree symbolism found in other wisdom cultures and traditions?

How does the notion of mentor uplink and sanctuary for incubation translate to our social media experience?

Post on instagram with #gradualpath so we can all follow your journey.


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