General and Alternative Perspectives on COVID-19 & Immunity.

coronavirus covid-19 diet immune system pandemic social distancing Mar 22, 2020

One of the guiding principles explored in the Contemplative Studies Program is that we have agency. In the face of adversity we can become empowered to consciously direct our evolution towards more favourable outcomes.

What follows is the first in a series of assignments taken on by CSP members. Students were asked to research pandemic related subjects including economics, health and lifestyle. The purpose of the task was to engage critical reasoning in the midst of a barrage of sensational headlines and form an action plan. In a crisis, having a plan and keeping moving is critical to mental health.

This information is provided to deliver you the things you should know, and things you can do during the pandemic.

COVID-19 is an opportunity to re-evaluate how we understand our health and how we can strengthen our immunity moving forward. Many of us will prefer one approach to another, so we are offering a comprehensive guide to five entry points on how you can assist yourself through general & alternative health perspectives that suit you best.

 Much has been said about general precautions that can be taken in reducing the spread of the virus, from social distancing to protective gear. When it comes to strengthening your immunity, this is the best thing you can do to ensure that you are well prepared no matter what the situation may be. Here are some general bits & tips that will help you navigate your general health over these next several months.

Five Things to Know

  1. The Immune System: our immunity is a wonderful “self-oiled machine” which doesn’t reveal its inner workings until compromised. Our mind-bodies are built to last, and our immune system is designed to safeguard our ability to maintain a healthy balance, otherwise known as “homeostasis”. Our immunity is on 24/7 and requires the proper function of all our organs to deliver a timely response to compromising agents.
  2. Running on reduced immunity: almost all of us work too much, exercise too little, eat imbalanced foods, sleep less than required, and do not get proper nutrients from our regular diets. Generally, our immunity is suppressed due to an increased presence of environmental toxins in the body. These can be of a variety in nature: internal, external, physical, mental, and even spiritual.
  3. Slowing down to catch-up: reducing internal and environmental stresses allows your immunity to strengthen its vast network, which works as an inter-dependent eco-system encompassing all your bodily and mental functions. Detoxification goes along with immuno-stimulation. Taking time to eliminate harmful toxicity through a variety of physical and spiritual practices is highly beneficial in strengthening the in-built mechanisms of our immune system.
  4. Building the “immune” muscle: strengthening the immunity is a long-term process that requires patience and diligence, but it pays off when your health is sustained over the long haul. Find suitable practices to address your diet, exercise and rest to achieve best results for you.
  5. Remembering to stay connected, the REAL way: social distancing is a necessary temporary measure, but “real” connections still exist mainly outside the realms of digital devices. Finding creative ways to share your smile, your personality and your experiences is a sure way to keep the positive vibrations buzzing across the airwaves. Remember, we have “telecommunication” capacities that extend well beyond the visible and audible ranges, but making the best of REAL-TIME interactions, be it via a digital or analog device, is as crucial as ever.
Written by

Erica Saccente

Irina Viscun

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