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Knowledge Without College Podcast

Mar 09, 2020


Show Notes from the Knowledge Without College Podcast

Listen to the episode here.

00:25 – Miles’s personal introduction, and short biography
02:45 – Talking about Sacred Wisdoms
08:50 – Differences between scientific methods and “scientism”
16:50 – Using the best of both worlds, to create a healthier society overall
26:15 – Understanding trauma in general, and in people
32:50 – The spiritual void in the world that the latest generations grew up in
39:50 – This being a ‘default state’ today
44:45 – Talking about a few trends, and ways that people handle trauma lately
50:00 – Pilgrimage, in general
01:00:10 – Where to find and how to join Miles
01:04:05 – Miles’s message to all of you


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