Anderson Todd

"Nobody Understands Aion": Jungian Reflections from the Churn of the Kali Yuga  

aion alchemy anderson todd archetypes astrology carl jung pandemic sensemaking Sep 21, 2021

Discover more about archetypes, astrology, and alchemy as therapist Anderson Todd discusses Carl Jung’s seminal book Aion, in our opening lecture of the  Sensemaking the Pandemic series.

Even among the often-difficult writings of C.G. Jung, Aion stands out as a work of psycho-historical analysis that can appear indigestible in its implications. More than a simple exploration of inner dynamics, and more than an eschatological prophecy, Aion confronts us with an inexorable vision of what is becoming of our world as the archetypal chickens come home to roost. But within this ominous revelation lies the key to grasping the most fundamental schism afflicting modern human existence, and thus the basic formula that can enable us to individually and collectively pivot towards a new mode of being.     

Anderson Todd is the Assistant Director of U of T's Consciousness and Wisdom Studies Lab. He teaches in the Cognitive Science program and Interdisciplinary Courses on Jungian Theory program at the University of Toronto, on Consciousness and The Unconscious respectively. He also consults in private practice as a psychotherapist to individuals, and as an enrichment education specialist to private schools.

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