Seven Step Mentor Bonding Process Part 2 | Step 5 of Awakening in 30 Steps

Jul 14, 2021

Seven-step Mentor Bonding Process = a virtual reality psychotherapeutic encounter that we can have as many times as we wish, for however long we need, at no cost.

1) Admire Qualities - orients us towards the good in others countering the negativity bias.

2) Make Offerings - builds reciprocity, safety, and mutual closeness.

3) Disclose limits - brings the shadow out into the light of awareness and care. Shame keeps us stuck and alienated. Teamwork and love are medicine.

4) Rejoice in virtue - celebrates and reinforces our own and others’s victories.

5) Request guidance - ask for the help and blessing we need to heal, grow, and evolve. Question - where do the mentor and blessings really come from?

6) Request presence - mind transcends physical limits, we can remain close to those we love and admire lifetime after lifetime. The lineage blessings and wisdom are now installed in our heart, ever available through thick and thin.

7) Dedicate merit - commit positive energy from all our practices towards a singular result, awakening for the benefit of others.


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A Twelve-week Coaching Container for Spiritual Rebirth with Dr. Miles Neale.


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