The Mentor Bonding Process | Step 5

enlightenment mentor middle way virtue Jul 13, 2021

Work with virtue and vice using the mentor-bonding process.

The engine of enlightenment is a sacred relationship.

It’s in the context of a close relational bond that we will eliminate vice, and cultivate virtue, and achieve enlightenment. No one makes it alone!

We must strike a balance, a middle-way, between self-reliance and over reliance on others.

Reflections (contemplate or journal on the following):

Are you overly self-reliant as a result of broken trust?

Or...are you overly reliant on others hoping they can do the work for you?

If trust has be broken, how can we begin to heal in order to trust again?

Reflect on the power of a sacred relationship, the sole purpose of which is to help us evolve lifetime after lifetime until Buddhahood is reached.