Touching the Jaguar: Transforming the Virus, You, and the World with John Perkins

death economy ecology economy john perkins life economy pandemic spirit May 12, 2020
The global COVID-19 pandemic has triggered widespread systems collapse. While the trauma effects of death, loss and economic hardship will be felt the world over, within the crisis there is also an opportunity for each of us to reassess our values, spark latent creativity, and inspire a new vision to rebuild systems far more sustainable, equitable and effective for future generations.
This free lecture series brings together dynamic visionaries working at the intersection of economics, ecology and spirituality to teach us about basic economic principles, the limitations of the current economic system now on life support, alternative economic insights and practices based on sacred wisdom cultures and beyond, and practical steps we can each take to participate in and hasten the transition towards, a new, spiritually oriented economic paradigm.

The most important message the coronavirus offers is that the natural world is conspiring to save us from ourselves, to slow our materialistic greed and rein in our aggressive, self-centered, short-term, and xenophobic tendencies. In John Perkins new book “Touching the Jaguar,” he writes about the failures of the current economic system – the Death Economy. This virus, like the hurricanes, fires, tornadoes and other “once in a hundred years events” that happen every year or so is one more indication that we must transform the Death Economy into a Life Economy. Making the transition requires that we move from a goal of maximizing short-term profits for the few, regardless of the social and environment costs, to a goal of maximizing long-term benefits for all – people and nature.