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The Contemplative Studies Program (CSP)

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The Contemplative Studies Program

The complete life changing program contains all eight courses (160 + hours of content) and earns you a certificate of completion.


True Refuge
Courses 1-4

  • Master Your Becoming
  • Trauma Informed Dharma
  • Return with Elixir
  • Find True Refuge

Wise Compassion
Courses 5-8

  • Awaken the Altruist
  • Attain Quantum View
  • Enter the Diamond
  • Yoga of Devotion


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A bespoke mantra embossed Certificate of Completion designed by famous Tibetan calligrapher Tashi Mannox is awarded to remarkable students who complete all eight modules (160+ hours) of the Contemplative Studies Program (CSP).

A discounted bundle of all eight modules comprising the entire CSP is available here.

Students must engage in self-directed study, pass all eight quizzes, provide a one page reflection essay for each module, and maintain a consistent meditation practice following the curriculum.

All eight modules in the two-year program qualify for non-contact continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance.