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 Tibet’s Gradual Path (Lam Rim) offers a comprehensive and systematic roadmap from human misery to enlightenment, guiding the spiritual practitioner through a series of well tread developmental steps in order to achieve specific meditative milestones along the way. In this course we will follow the initial steps common to practitioner’s of small and medium capacity including contemplations on precious human life, death, karma, and distaste for compulsive life leading to the milestones of true refuge and transcendent renunciation.

Throughout the course Miles will offer a series of guided contemplations on the early stages of the Lam Rim that can standalone or be placed within the context of a comprehensive visualization practice called the six preliminaries.

The Gradual Path

  • Lam Rim or Gradual Path, the most comprehensive and systematic presentation of Buddhist wisdom
  • How to progress incrementally towards enlightenment
  • How to use reason to embrace infinite life and the continuity of consciousness
  • How to prepare for the inevitability of death
  • What true refuge means and how to rely on the three jewels
  • The intricacies of karma theory and common misunderstandings
  • The psychological mechanisms underlying various purification practices
  • What renunciation really means (it’s not what you think!)
  • The confidence you need to step up and become a leader in your sphere of influence
  • How self-healing and self-mastery provides a necessary foundation for compassion and social engagement
  • How meditation is much more than quietly following your breath, it deepens knowledge
  • How to study, contemplate and extract the essence from spiritual themes in a process Miles calls ‘juice pressing’.
  • Recite the ancient Lam Rim text the Three Principle Aspects of the Path and internalize it’s profound meaning
  • Purification through Vajrasattva practice and the Four Opponent Powers
  • Apply Lam Rim meditations to daily life to feel more gratitude, urgency, safe direction, agency, and purpose.

Workshop: Contemplation

Class 1: Gradual Path

Class 2: Infinite Life

Class 3: Refuge

Class 4: Karma

Class 5: Purification

Class 6: Renunciation 

Sixteen Hours of High Quality Video Includes:

Meditation Workshop: CONTEMPLATION  |  4 hours

Course: RENUNCIATION   |  6  x 2hr classes

Study Suite & Guided Meditations

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The Four Characteristics of Karma

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About Dr. Miles Neale

Contemplative psychotherapist and author of Gradual Awakening, Miles shares with you his twenty years integrating Tibet’s ancient wisdom with modern psychology.