Find True Refuge

The Lam Rim offers a comprehensive and systematic roadmap to enlightenment, guiding the spiritual practitioner through a series of well tread developmental steps in order to achieve specific meditative milestones along the way. In this course we will follow the initial steps of the path by contemplating the precious human life, death, karma, and distaste for compulsive life. We will learn what it means to find true refuge and how to aspire for transcendent self-love.

Throughout the course Miles offers a series of guided contemplations on the early stages of the Lam Rim that can standalone or be placed within the context of a comprehensive visualization practice called the six preliminaries.

Free Workshop

Having recently returned from an epic pilgrimage to Sri Lanka and shortly before the pandemic would change the world forever, Find True Refuge is an in-depth study of the preliminary stage of the lam rim.

In this workshop, learn more about the prayers chanted in class, a brief biography of Tsongkhapa, the connection between virtue and realization, the five points of practice and the six preliminaries and why critical understanding is the basis of the gradual path to awakening.

Sixteen Hours of High Quality Video Includes:

Meditation Workshop: CONTEMPLATION  |  4 hours

Course: RENUNCIATION   |  6 classes, 12 hours 

Study Suite & Guided Meditations

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Find True Refuge

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