Foundations of the Buddhist Path
with Co-Hosts Tibet House/US

Six-Week Virtual Pilgrimage Along the Lamrim

"What if there were such as thing as enlightenment, a real possibility for a human being to achieve complete awakening?" 

And what if there was a clear path to follow to gradually evolve towards that goal? 

And what if that path had been refined over the centuries by great masters into a series of comprehensive stages and systematic steps that made it incredibly accessible to any seeker? 

And what if those gradual steps were then artfully condensed and eloquently presented in a fourteen-verse prayer to easily internalize so that the entire path was available to us at any time? 

And what if that condensed prayer taught us how to take any experience, the joys, and sorrows, the victories and challenges, as part of the path so that our entire life could be reframed as a spiritual opportunity to fulfill our innate potential and purpose?

Fortunately, all these questions have been affirmed and the possibility to awaken is available to us right now.

We need only the courage to embark on the adventure and the resolve to follow the gradual path to its culmination. 

Foundations of the Buddhist Path

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Six Online Classes: Lectures, meditations, and readings

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PDF download included: "Foundation of All Good Qualities," supplemented by Geshe Tenzin Zopa’s textual commentary 

Purchase on Amazon: "Gradual Awakening," by Miles Neale, Sounds True, 2018.



Foundations of the Buddhist Path
Dr. Miles Neale with Co-Hosts Tibet House/US

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