Lam Rim


Becoming a Bodhisattva 

Begins January 19

Lam Rim Meditation Series

Practice and Application of the Gradual Path of Tibetan Buddhism

with Dr. Miles Neale and Special Guests


Life is exceedingly precious and fleeting, we must use every moment meaningfully to awaken for the benefit of others. In this year-long, practice-oriented, series of three courses with Dr. Miles Neale and special guests we will extract the essence of the gradual path (lam rim) of Tibetan Buddhism by rehearsing a sequence of profound meditations and focusing on their application to daily life.

Using the practical text The Essential Nectar of Holy Doctrine by the 18th century Tibetan yogi-scholar Yeshe Tsöndrü, with commentary by modern scholar Geshe Rabten, we will cover and rehearse a series of fourteen meditations from devotion and refuge, right through to altruism, insight and tantra.

This is not a teacher training; this series of courses is for personal enrichment based on consistent personal practice, group coaching with Miles, dynamic discussion, and life-application through assigned weekly "experiments." The world needs more clear-minded, compassionate and creative human beings.

Next live course begins January 19


Frequently Asked Questions

The Sacred Text

Our main, required text, The Essential Nectar by Geshe Rabten (2014) Wisdom Publications, is a unique practice manual for lam rim meditations.

Available from FPMT, Wisdom Publications and your favourite book sellers.

Supplemental readings will be provided or suggested.


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Becoming a Bodhisattva

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Emerging from Confusion

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Finding Safe Direction

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