Freddy Silva: Ancient Civilization, Sacred Sites, and Resurrection Rituals | Wisdom Keeper E8

In this episode of the Wisdom Keeper Podcast I’m delighted to host Freddy Silva one of the worlds foremost experts on ancient civilizations, crop circles, and the use of sacred monolithic sites and structures for transformations in human consciousness. Freddy leads us on a journey to rewrite history gathering clues from diverse cultural sources that point to an ancient, high civilization lost in last ice-age, but far older and more advanced than our current, mainstream picture of the world would suggest. What this ancient pre-diluvian, sea fearing civilization knew about the cosmos and of the psyche is nothing short of staggering, and anyone with interest in esoteric wisdom and initiatory rites will be sure to enjoy this conversation. 

Freddy Silva is a bestselling author, and leading researcher of ancient civilizations, restricted history, sacred structures, and their interaction with consciousness. He is also the leading expert on crop circles and leads pilgrimages to sacred sites in England, France, Egypt, Portugal, Yucatan, Peru/Bolivia, and Scotland. 

Freddy has produced thirteen documentaries and published seven books in six languages, among them The Missing Lands, The Divine Blue Print, the Lost Art of Resurrection, and his most recent release Scotland’s Hidden Sacred Past. 

His website is 

Freddy and I discuss his: 

  • Departure from corporate advertising to follow an inner call to study crop circles and other mysteries.
  • Learning to trust what he calls “the management” - unseen spirit guides of alternate dimensions that aid him in his research and quest.
  • Theory of an ancient, lost civilization of prehistory and its sacred wisdom of navigating the cosmos and the soul.
  • Attempt to thread together myths and prophesies found across cultures about a lost, pre-diluvian sea faring civilization possessing high art and technology. 
  • Fascinating common accounts of the “shinning one’s” or the “people of the serpent“ who may have taught the Mayans and Egyptians, and cultures as diverse as Armenia, India, Japan, Scotland and Easter Island. 
  • The cataclysmic impact of a meteor around 10,500 BCE, its ensuing effects of sea level rise, and relationship to the universal presence of flood myths throughout culture. 
  • Freddy responds to his critics of the ancient civilization hypothesis. 
  • The connection between sacred monolithic sites, astrological positions, and ritual initiations.  
  • The Maiden’s Cave in Scotland and its ritual use for a rite-of-passage leading to resurrection of the soul. 

His new book Scotland’s Hidden Sacred Past is available here.

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