John Michael Greer: Esoteric Wisdom, Solve et Coagula and Civilizational Collapse | Wisdom Keeper E9

Widely respected author and blogger in fields ranging from nature spirituality, Druidry, ceremonial magick, hermeticism, alchemy, mundane astrology, and the future of industrial society, John Michael Greer (JMG) is the prolific author of more than seventy books, including sixteen novels, and blogs weekly at He lives in Rhode Island with his wife Sara.

In this episode of the Wisdom Keeper Podcast, JMG and I discuss:

- an intellectual history of esoteric traditions from ancient Egypt and Greece to India and China, cross pollinating via the Silk Roads.

- ancient and advanced civilizations such as Atlantis and Lumeria, that might have influenced Egypt and Sumeria, and which have been lost in the historical record.

- the thread that binds all esoteric traditions, the art of resurrection: dying before you die, in order to be reborn.

- The history and practice of Alchemy from early textual sources to the Middle Ages, including the meaning of the alchemical notion Solve et Coagula

- The relationship between Western alchemy, magick and Tibetan Buddhism

- Astrology, its history, relevance, and how it works including Jung's notion of synchronicity.

- How we need to live from a symbolic or mythologic perspective to experience a more meaningful life.

- Mundane astrology and how to use planetary alignments for predictive purposes in worldly affairs from politics to economics.

- Catabolic collapse and the slow descent of our civilization.

- How to "collapse now, and avoid the rush", and advise for preparing for the inevitable cycles of death and rebirth on the civilizational level.

John Michael Greers books can be found here.

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