Ray Grasse: Astrology, Synchronicity, and Shadow of the Aquarian Age | Wisdom Keeper E10

In this episode, Ray and I discuss:

∙Early discovery of esoteric transitioning including astrology

∙Break through meditative experiences with his spiritual teachers

∙Intellectuals history of astrology 

∙A symbolic world view, how we lost it, why we need it

∙How does the cosmos impact the psyche?

∙The Great Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of 2020 that ushered in the pandemic

∙Planetary causal effects vs synchronicity

∙“The universe is composed of stories not atoms”

∙Destiny vs free will in your horoscope

∙The relationship between psychology and astrology 

∙The Great Year, precession of the equinoxes and the Yuga cycle

∙Hallmarks and shadow of the Aquarian Age 

∙Individual rights, power to the people, and the rise of narcissism

∙The war in Ukrainian and the the United States undergoing its Pluto return 

∙The rise of fascism and facing the legacy of racism  

∙Ray’s biggest lesson after 50 years of practice.

RAY GRASSE is a Chicago-based writer, musician, photographer, and astrologer. He is author of eight books including Stargates, The Waking Dream, Signs of the Times, and his most recent opus When the Stars Align.

Ray received a degree in filmmaking from the Art Institute of Chicago under experimental film pioneers Stan Brakhage and John Luther-Scofill. He studied with various esoteric teachers in both the Kriya Yoga and Zen traditions. He's lectured extensively on the topics of astrology, synchronicity, and mythology, and maintains an active astrological practice with clients around the United States and abroad. 

I discovered Ray’s work in 2019 as I was preparing for my class Return with Elixir, and enjoyed tremendously his lecture series titled Secrets of the Esoteric Traditions on Youtube.

Ray’s website: https://www.raygrasse.com

Ray’s New Book, When the Stars Align: https://www.amazon.com/When-Stars-Align-Reflections-Astrology/dp/0578394383

Ray’s YouTube lecture series, Secrets of the Esoteric Traditions: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgd5q-JA8xpJtWu28QgcRxeJWtpKltPD8

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