Judson Davis: Jung, Tibetan Buddhism, and Symbols of Transformation | Wisdom Keeper Ep 12

Judson Davis, PhD, is a university educator, author, spiritual counselor, filmmaker, and world traveler. He holds a Doctorate in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (2012) and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (with emphasis in Jungian Depth Psychology; 2006) from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is founder and director of the Institute of East-West Interdisciplinary Studies, where he offers counseling and online courses on the interface of Jungian and Tibetan Buddhist Studies. Judson has taught on the university, college, and corporate levels in California, Germany, Japan, and South Korea, has produced documentary films, and has presented his work in a variety of public venues. Dr. Davis is the author of the book "The Sacred Image: C. G. Jung and the Western Embrace of Tibetan Buddhism" as well as numerous peer-reviewed journal publications dealing with spirituality, psychotherapy, and consciousness studies including “Alchemy and Transformation, East and West: A Cross-cultural Analysis of Jungian Psychology and Tibetan Tantra". More on his work can be found at: www.east-westinstitute.com

In this episode Judson and I discuss:

∙His ‘dark night of the soul’ experience during lock down in Thailand

∙Owning your shadow and reclaiming your disenfranchised projections

∙His round the world pilgrimage and Campbellian call to adventure

∙His mystical experience in the Himalayas, meeting the Tibetans, and becoming small in the face of immensity of the mountains.

∙The archetype of coming undone, in order to be recreated, both personally and culturally.

∙The collective dark night of the soul of our civilization, and the early dawn of an expanded global consciousness.

∙The Astrology of the Great Year, cycles of time, and waking up during contraction.

∙Psychedelic therapy and venturing into alternative dimensions of reality and meeting non human beings

∙Jung’s notion of the Self compared with the Tibetan notion of the void and clear-light of Dharmakaya

∙Sense-making the global crisis through myths from world cultures, Jung, and Joseph Campbell

∙Jung’s encounter with the East: Chinese Alchemy, Buddhism, and Tantra

∙Esoteric traditions emphasis on a direct personal experience of awakening into Christ consciousness or Buddha nature

∙The use of sacred symbols such as deities, mandalas, pilgrimage, sacred mountains, tree of life, and the diamond as aids to alchemical transmutation

∙Judson defines and deconstructs Jung’s process of active imagination

∙How to work with “Big dreams”

∙Jung’s view of the unconscious and its relationship to shadow, persona, and Self.

∙The thrust of the Self, to integrate the split of shadow aspects of our collective unconscious, will drive a social leap forward in our evolution to be more sensitive and inclusive beings.


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