Patrick Vanhoebrouck: Prophesy, Megalithic Sites, and Cosmic Alignment in Java | Ep 14 Wisdom Keeper

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In this episode of the wisdom keeper podcast I host anthropologist Patrick Vanhoebrouk a specialist in Javanese culture, Buddhist and Hindu tantric traditions, and the Dukun, indigenous shamans of the mystical island of Java. Patrick takes us on a pilgrimage into Java’s deep prehistory, decoding its prophesies that foretold of the cataclysmic events he thinks we are now amidst. He also brings us into the powerful megalithic sites such the Borobudur mandala, and explains how they are energetic portals used to align cosmos and psyche, ignorer to bring about a radical transformation of consciousness at this critical time in history.

Patrick is anthropologist in residence at the Amanjiwo in Java.

He will be offering the welcome keynote lecture upon our arrival in Java on our next pilgrimage to the Indonesian Islands in September 2023.

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