Rob Preece: Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, Carl Jung, and Working with Trauma | Ep. 15

In this episode of the Wisdom Keeper Podcast I’m delighted to be joined UK-based psychotherapist, Tibetan Buddhist teacher, prolific author, and tangka painter Rob Preece. Rob shares with us the back story of his meeting his guru, the late, Charismatic Tibetan teacher Lama Yeshe, and then offers a compelling explanation of the essence of Buddhist tantra. We then meander into the world of Jungian psychology, rich with archetypes, the shadow, and movement towards integration of opposites. Finally, Rob shares with us the innovations he has made over the years making tantric practice relevant to the western mindset and our collective fragmentation, including working with the body, processing trauma, and connecting with our fundamental Buddha nature. If you enjoy the intersection between Tantra and Jung, this will be a conversation not to be missed. In the episode Rob and I discuss: • Meeting his guru the late Lama Yeshe and his dynamic style of teaching • The importance of balancing guru-devotion with reliance on the inner guru • The essential nature of Tibetan Buddhist tantra • The shortcomings and limitations of teaching classical tantra to Western students • Carl Jung, the archetypes, and the necessity of working with the shadow • Where Tantra and Jung converge and depart • The unique psychological needs of Western students and avoiding spiritual bypassing • Innovations Rob has made to the Tantric methodology that allow students to process trauma • Rob’s extensive book series featuring his synthesis of Jungian shadow-work and Tantric deity practice. More on Rob Peerce at his website: Books by Rob Preece: More on Dr. Miles Neale