Lynn Bell: Astrology, Redemption, and the Aquarian Age of Revolutionary Change | Ep. 18

Lynn Bell: Astrology, Redemption, and the Aquarian Age of Revolutionary Change. Ep. 18 In this episode of the Wisdom Keeper podcast, I’m delighted to host master astrologer Lynn Bell, whom I affectionately call the Oracle. Lynn and I take a skeptic’s approach to understanding the mechanism underlying astrology, asking how the soul and cosmos interact, and how studying historical patterns, both above and below, can lead us to redemption. Finally, Lynn gives us an astro-forecast for 2024 including the highly anticipated transit of Pluto into Aquarius this November, coinciding with the US elections. The last time this transit took place ushered in the American and French Revolutions. You’ll want to heed the Oracle’s advice on how to prepare to meet this turning point. In this episode Lynn Bell and I discuss: - How a challenge to her eyesight in childhood, became an opportunity to develop a deeper vision and more attuned relationship with the world. - How we can look back on our personal and collective history and patterns to predict future outcomes. - Because every pattern repeats itself in cycles of time, we can always have a chance at repair or redemption. - How the psyche or soul and the cosmos or planetary alignments interact. - How astrology involves being attuned to the environment, and what the moment is presenting, so that we can skillfully choose how to respond. - The signature of the outgoing Piscean age and the incoming Aquarian age. - How to purposefully re-interpret and work with the challenges of our age such as misinformation, AI, socio-political division, civil unrest, and structural collapse. - The Astro forecast for 2024 including the anticipated transition of Pluto into Aquarius in November during the US election, and the American and French Revolutions that transpired the last time this transit occurred. - Lynn’s parting message of tolerance for cognitive dissonance, remembering our common humanity, and staying in the vibration of compassion over fear. Bio Lynn Belle is a world-renowned, master astrologer with over 40 years of experience. She specializes in psychological and spiritual perspectives with a specific interest in family systems, as well as mythological and archetypal themes. She lectures and offers workshops globally including online with Astrology University and her books include Planetary Threads focusing on the transgenerational inheritance of family patterns and Cycles of Light focusing on the implications and trends of the solar return. Her website is For Lynn Bell’s upcoming seminars and workshops visit: For Lynn Bell’s books: Dr. Miles Neale is a Buddhist psychotherapist in private practice, instructor at Weill Cornell Medical College, author of Gradual Awakening (Sounds True, 2018), and founder of the Gradual Path for inner and outer journeys. His forthcoming book is Return with Elixir: Pilgrimage of the Soul Through Death and Rebirth (Inner Traditions, 2024). Join Miles’ mailing list to get the latest news on courses, pilgrimages, and podcasts: Follow Miles on Instagram: