Return with Elixir



The global pandemic and social justice movement of 2020 was foretold by astrologers and ancient wisdom cultures as a time of great transition, involving both a death and rebirth of epic proportions and ushering in a historic new paradigm.

Each of us has a role to play in the great transition, for dormant in us is a nascent hero or heroine who will rise to face the global crisis and convert it into an opportunity for personal growth and social transformation.

Modern materialistic culture has lost its orienting myths, heroes, rites or passage and sacred rituals that for millennia were essential in helping human beings optimally evolve to become agents of change for their tribes and society.

In this course we will reconnect with the mythic dimension of life following in the footsteps of visionary mythologist Joseph Campbell and depth psychologist Carl Jung. We will review and converge Campbell’s 12-stage model of the Hero’s Journey, Jung’s notions of the archetypes, shadow, and process of individuation, and the Tibetan Buddhist science of consciously reversing the death-rebirth process during our visualization practice. 

Ultimately we aim to empower the rewriting of a new, more heroic narrative that alchemically transforms our ordinary human trials and traumas into a life-bestowing wisdom for others.

Now is the time to leave the safety of home, confront the shadow, slay our demons, find buried treasure, and return home with elixir.

Answer the Call

Workshop: Visualization

Class 1: Monomyth

Class 2: Departure

Class 3: Initiation

Class 4: Ordeal

Class 5: Treasure

Class 6: Rebirth

  • How to consciously transform ordinary life with the three phases of the Tibetan rebirth process - death, liminality and re-emergence.
  • How to stop transgenerational cycles of stress and trauma and learn the lessons you are here to discover.
  • The twelve major stages of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth the Hero’s Journey
  • How to use the Hero’s Journey as a roadmap for your own personal process of transformation.
  • How use a myth of your choice as a mirror reflection and map of your own psychological trials and tribulations.
  • Inspiration to leave your comfort zone, face demons, discover hidden potentials, and contribute value to society.
  • What are the necessary psychological milestones involved in a traditional initiatory rite-of-passage.
  • How to identify and work with shadow aspects of unworthiness, incompetence, scarcity, fear and alienation.
  • Why sensationalized, quick-fix, and pseudo-spiritual gimmicks common in the market place don’t work.
  • How to link personal growth and agency with social responsibility and global change.
  • A potent visualization of the mandala of Shakyamuni Buddha
  • The architecture of a sacred mandala
  • The eight dissolutions of the Tibetan Art of Dying
  • The seven-step process of mentor-bonding (guru-yoga)
  • Rehearse new skills during visualization to manifest your ideal life
  • Use our unique workbook to map your own hero's journey, as well as chronicle your dreams, reflections, mandalas, and synchronicities

Sixteen Hours of High Quality Video Includes:

Meditation Workshop 3: VISUALIZATION   |  4 hours

Course 3: TRANSFORMATION   |  6  x 2hr classes

Study Suite & Guided Meditations

Audio available for download



About Your Guide

Dr Miles Neale is a Buddhist psychotherapist in private practice, founder of The Gradual Path journeys, instructor of psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College, author of Gradual Awakening, and co-editor of Advances in Contemplative Psychotherapy.

His latest book, Return with Elixir: Pilgrimage of the Soul Through Conscious Death and Rebirth, to be published in 2024, integrates Joseph Campbell’s mythopoetics, Carl Jung’s shadow work, and Tibetan Buddhist alchemy.

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Return with Elixir: The Book

Beware! The material in this course was so impactful that it led Dr. Miles Neale on a several-year long journey through the pandemic, where he winded up relocating his family to the island of Bali and writing his new book of the same name. Return with Elixir: Pilgrimage of the Soul Through Conscious Death and Rebirth will be released in the fall of 2024, with a foreword by Professor Robert Thurman, you can READ THE SYNOPSIS in the link below.

Book Synopsis