A treasure trove of jewels was revealed to us by a series of wisdom keepers during our epic pilgrimage to the sacred island of Sri Lanka in 2019.


This selection of Dharma talks captures the simplicity, beauty and profundity of Buddhism as it has been preserved for centuries in a time capsule on a magical oasis in the Indian Ocean. Shot on location by film maker Jordan Harvey.

On Lovingkindness

Bhikkhuni Kusuma

On Mindfulness

Upul Nishantha Gamage

On Buddhism

Venerable Piyarathana

On Refuge

Dr. Miles Neale

On Virtue

Venerable Dhammika

On Compassion

Alison Graham


Discover and embody the timeless arts of loving-kindness, mindfulness, refuge, virtue and compassion set amidst the stunning backdrops of Sri Lanka's sacred sites.

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