Deborah, Toronto

A few words cannot explain the powerful insights and life-changing experiences I've had in these two years with the CSP community.   A "once in a lifetime" pilgrimage to Sri Lanka and volunteering for our Service Project with other CSP members  have both amplified my awe of the human potential to act with insight, altruism, generosity and compassion.  I see this more clearly in myself and others.


Susan, New York

The Contemplative Studies Program is a truly comprehensive and unique way to study the Gradual Path, providing an opportunity to learn from original Buddhist Texts and reflect on them in our contemporary lives.  Miles is an outstanding and engaging teacher, skilled in guiding meditation practices and dedicated to helping students challenge themselves to identify and work with their “samsaric-making apparatus.


Kim, New York

This course has been my beacon of light and lifeline as I navigated through a world falling apart. The various modules are like a beautiful, intricate symphony, where each teaching is connected to an ancient lineage passing on sacred  knowledge, taking you deeper into the essential wisdom of the universe.  The material stoked the fire in my body, mind and spirit, a truly alchemical experience taught by an extraordinary teacher Miles and an amazing group of guest teachers from all over the world. 


"Going on pilgrimage is not only a journey, it’s stripping away who you think you are in order to learn your truth. So, when a friend invited me to go on a Buddhist pilgrimage with him to Sri Lanka, I was hesitant, because Buddhism seemed to be a complex philosophy that I didn’t think I was ready for.  Miles debunked that right away, by making his teachings approachable, truthful, and contemporary. After the pilgrimage, I wanted to continue to ripen the seed of knowledge I gained in Sri Lanka, so I joined the CSP sangha. How fortunate this decision was; Miles and the members of his team have brought exciting guest teachers, workshops and projects into the sangha, feeding that seed. I know that by benefitting from all of the knowledge I’m gaining from the CSP, I can reciprocate with my family, friends, and others who I come into contact with."

Kim, New Jersey

Judy, Turkey

Miles has a beautiful and penetrating way of sharing the Buddha’s ancient wisdom. Like a master weaver, he manages to artfully interlace the traditions and practices of Tibet with contemporary psychology and neuroscience, preciously maintaining the integrity of the dharma, while teaching in a way that makes it relevant and applicable for our times. The CSP 2-year program is like spun gold for the spirit!  





Keith, New York

Miles is an iconoclast, who brings his personal style of passionate teaching into every module while evoking both the mystical and sacred. His Socratic style asks individuals to take stock, to be witnesses to own their own journeys; he acts as teacher, wizard, and monk. All the while, he maintains his own vulnerability, which provides us all with an example that inspires us to explore our own soul's journey, from the deep into the cosmos.




Amanda, Canary Islands

I have had the privilege of studying the integration of neuroscience-informed psychotherapy and Buddhist teachings with Dr. Miles Neale since 2013. I highly recommend Dr. Neale's approach to anyone interested in going beyond Mindfulness-based practices and embracing Buddha's teachings in modern times.