The Crucible

A Twelve-week Coaching Container for Spiritual Rebirth with Dr. Miles Neale





Ready to jump into the fire?


Join Dr. Miles Neale, Buddhist therapist and author of the forthcoming Return with Elixir (2024), for his integrative training program combining principles and practices drawn from Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, Jungian depth psychology, and Tibetan Buddhist tantra aimed to transform traumas into treasures and awaken your innate potential. Through this three-month coaching program, you will step out of your comfort zone, confront fears, begin to heal wounds, and realize hidden capacities within yourself.

Join a supportive cohort of like-minded companions over twelve weekly training sessions divided into three month-long pilgrimages - inner, outer, and secret. Begin by mythologizing your life and rewriting your heroic narrative, move into healing trauma and befriending your diamond intuition, and conclude by optimizing your nervous system and embodying your enlightened vision for rebirth.


Begins February 6, 2024
Tuesday evenings 

7-9 pm EST in New York
4-6 pm PST in LA

Begins February 7, 2024
Wednesday mornings

8-10 am in Bali
11-1 pm in Sydney

12 weekly sessions (2 hours each)
Virtual livestream, in-person in Bali, and on-demand anytime.



"Rewrite your life-script with mythology, reclaim your soul with psychology, and embody your enlightened vision with Tibetan Tantra."

- Dr. Miles Neale




Three-Month Intensive

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive program with a realistic timeline to make progress toward your goals.

Holistic Curriculum

Learn from mythology, psychology, and Tibetan Buddhist tantra along with variety of left and right brain activities.

Real-world Applications

Apply principles and practices in your daily life through homework assignments to deepen learning and enhance integration.

Study Suite & Mobile App

Includes syllabus, readings, guided meditations, video lectures, Q&A, assignments, quizzes, and a mobile app.

Program Curriculum

Three pilgrimages of solve et coagula, to dissolve and reconstitute

Month One: Outer Pilgrimage

During the first month, you’ll study the three-fold stages of American mythologist Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, from departure, through initiation, to return, leading you across the outer pilgrimage from aimlessness to a higher purpose. You’ll discover the power of myth, select a personal myth from world literature to live by, critique and rewrite your life narrative, and experience the world anew as a vibrant, multidimensional theater encoded with meaning.

Month 1 Class:

  • C1: Mythology: Rewriting Your Story
  • C2: Departure: Leaving Your Comfort Zone
  • C3: Initiation: Facing Trail, Finding Treasure
  • C4: Return: Bestowing Your Boon

Campbell, J. (1991) The Power of Myth. Anchor Edition. PDF included.


Month Two: Inner Pilgrimage

During the second month, you’ll study the three-fold stages of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung's process of individuation, from ego, through shadow, to the Self in the collective unconscious, leading you on an inner pilgrimage from restrictive fear and reactivity to greater freedom and authenticity. You’ll work with the shadow, defenses, and wounded parts of your psyche, rediscover the power of your intuition, keep a dream journal, draw mandalas, or track synchronicities, and follow the lead of your inner compass, which innately knows both your true source and destination.

Month 2 Class:

C5: Psychology: Reclaiming Your Soul

C6: Ego: Working with Trauma

C7: Shadow-work: Following Your Intuition

C8: Self-actualization: Straddling Nondual Worlds

Jung, C. (1961) Memories, Dream, Reflections. Vintage Books. PDF included.

Moacanin, R. (1986). Jung’s Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism. Wisdom Publications. PDF included.


Month Three: Secret Pilgrimage

During the third month, you’ll study the three-fold stages of manifestation rehearsed in the Tibetan Buddhist tantras, from death, through bardo, to rebirth, leading you along the secret pilgrimage from deconstructing the tragic self, to reverse engineering a heroic self through archetypal imagery, to embodying a flow-state, compassion-driven, re-engagement with the world. You’ll discover the power of role-modeling visualization, positive affirmation, and breath work, acting like a flight simulator to optimally rewire your mind, brain, and nervous system.

Month 3 Class:

C9: Tantra: Reimagining Your World

C10: Dissolution: Entering Clearlight

C11: Bardo: Merging with Archetypes

C12: Rebirth: Embodying Your Ideal

Lama Yeshe (2014). Introduction to Tantra. Wisdom Publications. PDF included.

Neale, M. (2018). Gradual Awakening. Sounds True. PDF included.

By the end of three months, you will have ventured on three successive pilgrimages, outer, inner, and secret, explored three interrelated disciplines, mythology, psychology, and Tibetan tantra, rehearsed a set of practices, myth-making, self-healing, and soul-sculpting, to carry you forward on your onward journey with greater clarity and confidence.  

Your Guide

Dr. Miles Neale is a Buddhist psychotherapist and author of Gradual Awakening and the forthcoming Return with Elixir (2024). For twenty-five years Miles has been integrating Tibetan Buddhism with clinical psychology, left-brain neuroscience with right-brain mythology, and more recently the healing power of pilgrimage and psychedelics. Having been to the edge and back again many times, Miles leads inner and outer journeys around the world through the Gradual Path and lives with his family in Bali, Indonesia.

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