Bodhichitta - the Altruistic Intention to Awaken for the Benefit of Others | Step 23

altrusim bodhichitta compassion gradual awakening gradual path lam rim love renunciation Aug 08, 2021


You’ve made it to the second milestone of the journey!

How is your memorization going?

Based on strong love and compassion for others, and the view of our interdependence, we want to help, but recognize our own limitations. How can we ultimately help others awaken from their nightmare, if we are still partially sleep walking ourselves?

Now let’s now put all our energy into walking up for our own and others benefit. Renunciation is self-care, altruism is care for others. Both are strong determinations or powerful motivations to end suffering.

There are two forms of altruism, the intention and the action. The second milestone is the intention, and on the next steps of our journey we will cover the action.

Finally, what do you think about curating content in shorter pieces? Like 2-3 min? Would it actually be helpful? Or does it reinforce shorter attention spans, distractibility, and dopamine grazing? Any thoughts on optimal length and what’s our motivation for trying to determine this? More likes? More views? Knowing the media and audience and doing our best within the constraints? Who determines these constraints?

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