Find a Qualified Spiritual Mentor | Step 7 of Awakening in 30 Steps

gradual awakening gradual path guru lam rim spiritual mentor Jul 17, 2021

 Find a Real-world Mentor.

Question for you, since we are at step 7, what is it about our culture and social media use that makes reflecting on more than three steps or points a challenge? And what is it about you that helps keep you moving forward on a more enduring path?

Distinguish the virtual from a real-world mentor.

Step 4 evokes an archetype or deity. Step 7 is to find the real-world mentor. You can fuse both together in your visualization so the human “quirks” are consciously and temporarily filtered out, while the "near-and-dear” qualities are magnified to optimize the benefits of practice.

Recognize the value of a real-world mentor. The best way to learn is from another human being who has mastered the skills or qualities we seek.

If we wanted to make it through the Amazon jungle alive we would need a local, knowledgeable guide. Same is true for navigating samsara.

How to find a mentor:

1) Understand the value of a mentor.

2) Know what to look for. Orient towards the list of qualities that make the mentor qualified and reliable. Look up the “10 qualities of the guru" in Gradual Awakening or online. If you can’t find someone with all 10 qualities, how about 5? If not 5, then look for someone who cares about future lives more than the pleasures of this one, and cares about others more than themselves.

3) Enter a period of discovery. Go here and there sampling different teachers and listening to your intuition. When you find one, examine the mentor carefully, scrutinize their suitability for up to twelve years before you enter into a sacred relationship. Leave no doubt about their competence, so you can proceed with confidence.

4) Dedicate a portion of your merits at the conclusion of your practice to finding a mentor. Everything is based on cause and effect, virtue is the cause for attaining all the things we aspire for.

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