Preciousness of Human Life Inspires Appreciation | Step 9 of Awakening in 30 Steps

Jul 20, 2021

Life is beginingless and consciousness is infinite.

Over the course of evolution our karma has compelled us to ascended and descend to various pleasant and unpleasant states of existence. But fundamentally we have always been trapped in a condition of blindness, not knowing who we really are, and therefore not free from the forces of action and reaction.

By the force of virtue we have found ourselves to the precious human embodiment endowed with ten fortunes and eight freedoms. We have won the lottery. We have shaped ourselves into the perfect instrument of liberation. All systems are go. Today.

We may not have all we want, but look closely and rejoice that we have everything we need to pursue awakening. Let’s make it count, for in the infinite realm of possibilities there is no way of knowing when all these causes and condition will come together again.

Soon we will recognize that having the precious human life endowed with liberty and opportunity means we are also responsible for those who do not, but that is a step further down the path of our development. We’ll get there soon enough. Today, count your blessings.

Reflect on your gratitude list of the things you have, and a free from, that make the process of awakening possible today. Use wisely all that you are and have for it will not last.

Let’s juice press this and savour it on those days when we feel we are lacking resources or direction.

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