Sensemaking the Pandemic

Quarterly Astrology Forecast with Lynn Bell

Oct 25, 2021

Our quarterly forecast with master astrologer Lynn Bell happens in the Contemplative Studies Program Courtyard October 29th. Lynn will discuss the powerful alignments occurring in November and carry us through into the New Year.

Lynn Bell has been practicing astrology for over forty years. Her approach comes out of many years of client practice, teaching and speaking, at the CPA in London, and now MISPA and Astrology University online . Known for her creative depth, Lynn has lectured at conferences all over the world. Her archetypal approach fuses psychology and spirituality. She is the author of Planetary Threads, Cycles of Light and co author of the Mars Quartet. She was the 2016 winner of the Charles Harvey award for Service to Astrology.

Lynn's visit is part of our Sensemaking the Pandemic series. Hosted by the CSP Courtyard we examine the global pandemic and cultural crisis of meaning through the prism of mythology, astrology, and prophecy. What can we learn from these esoteric traditions about how we got here, the challenges we are facing at present, and how we can best transform ourselves and society. Other speakers and topics include:

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