The Perfection of Generosity | Step 24 of Awakening in 30 Steps

generosity gradual awakening gradual path lam rim mahayana paramitas perfections Aug 09, 2021

Having established the altruistic intention, we move to the altruistic actions. These six modes of training build our capacity for optimal social engagement while at the same time cultivate the inner qualities leading to Buddhahood.

The Mahayana is the path of awakening through our social interactions. The Six Perfections are:

1) Generosity,

2) Virtue

3) Patience

4) Perseverance

5) Concentration

6) Wisdom

Each training becomes “perfected” when all five others are equally present. As we move along try to see how the other five perfections influence each step.

There are three types of giving:

1) Material resources

2) Protection from fear

3) Dharma

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