The Perfection of Patience | Step 26 of Awakening in 30 Steps

gradual awakening gradual path lam rim paramitas patience perfections Aug 11, 2021

1) The Patience of Not Reacting

See that people hurt us as a result of their karma - compassion See how we feel when others hurt us as our karma - renunciation Resist retaliation, which perpetuates cycles of violence. Find more karmically constructive ways to work with others who create harm = virtue

“An eye for an eye, makes the whole world go blind.” - Gandhi

2) The Patience of Working with Suffering.

When suffering arises see it as

a) a purification and exhaustion of its causes,

b) an opportunity to develop humility,

c) opportunity to develop compassion.

No mud, no lotus.

3) The Patience of Enduring the Challenges of Dharma practice.

No quick fixes here. How else do we become a Buddha without the friction of our Dharma practice over the long haul? No treasure, without trial.

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