The Perfection of Perseverance | Step 27 of Awakening in 30 Steps

Aug 12, 2021

We got this!

The journey of awakening is long, the suffering of living begins is vast to endure, without developing the virtue of perseverance what chance do we have? What has helped sustain you during the global pandemic? What well of good energy do you draw upon to start and sustain yourself in the face of challenges?

Perseverance is sometimes called the perfection of joy, because if we love ourselves, others, and what we do enough, if they all truly make us happy, then we are willing to go the extra mile, and face unimaginable obstacles.

There are three types of laziness that serve as impediments to perseverance. Each has a suggested antidote.

1) Laziness of procrastination is counteracted by a contemplation preciousness of life and immediacy of death.

2) Laziness of pursuing meaningless activities is counteracted by contemplation on the six types of suffering leading to strong renunciation.

3) The laziness of self-doubt and lack of confidence is counteracted by the contemplation of Buddha nature. “I can’t possibly do it, is replaced with my nature is design to do and be anything.”

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