The Perfection of Virtue or Morality | Step 25 of Awakening in 30 Steps

Aug 10, 2021

There are three types of morality:

1) Restraining from causing harm

2) Accumulating merit through virtue

3) Benefiting all sentient beings

Want an assignment? Look up the ten non-virtues and their opposites.

Using my snowflake model ❄️ how is the perfection of morality connected and enhanced by the other five perfections?

There are temporary benefits derived from these steps when extracted from karma theory, but in general their long term implications seem to get lost without it.

What we are doing with our social sensitivity training is creating the necessary karmic causes and conditions for complete enlightenment.

What are your thoughts on karma being removed from the equation to fit our scientific paradigm, which doesn’t seem to even acknowledge consciousness or the power of intentions to shape evolution?

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