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Coping With Your Darkest Night dark night of the soul david newell inner truth podcast Jul 02, 2021

Raw and full of lived wisdom, Dr. Miles Neale returns to the Inner Truth podcast to talk to David Newell about navigating through the dark night in the the midst of his own dark night.

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The Gravity of Awakening alchemy myth podcast psychology revolution tantra Mar 03, 2021

In Mind Meld 224 of the Third Eye Drops podcast, Miles and host Michael Philip muse about revolution, tantra, psychology, alchemy, myth, mysticism, why this is an incredibly transformative time, and more.

Buddhas, Tulkus and Narcissists alcoholism geshe tenzin zopa guru viking mentors narcissism podcast tulkus Jan 24, 2021

Miles sits down with Steve James of  Guru Viking to recount how an affluent but disturbed childhood with alcoholic parents and a narcissistic father drove him to self harm and dissatisfaction, and how he found solace and healing in religious practice and a series of influential...

The Trauma Therapist Podcast hero's journey podcast psychotherapy trauma Mar 20, 2020

In this episode of the Trauma Therapist Podcast Miles is on fire as he talks about his personal hero's journey, trauma, the convergence of Buddhism and psychotherapy and offers advice to therapists just beginning their careers.

Knowledge Without College Podcast pilgrimage podcast sacred wisdom science trauma Mar 09, 2020


Show Notes from the Knowledge Without College Podcast

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00:25 – Miles’s personal introduction, and short biography
02:45 – Talking about Sacred Wisdoms
08:50 – Differences between scientific methods and “scientism”...

Third Eye Drops Podcast | Where the Treasure Hides with Dr. Miles Neale | Mind Meld 176 | monomyth plant medicine podcast third eye drops trauma Oct 21, 2019

Miles talks with Michael Phillip of the Third Eye Drops podcast about:

  • death and rebirth
  • slaying the dragon and claiming the treasure
  • balance of the feminine and masculine
  • the power and necessity of social justice movements and the danger posed by their shadow
  • the origins of the...