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Knowledge Without College Podcast

Mar 09, 2020


Show Notes from the Knowledge Without College Podcast

Listen to the episode here.

00:25 – Miles’s personal introduction, and short biography
02:45 – Talking about Sacred Wisdoms
08:50 – Differences between scientific methods and “scientism”
16:50 – Using the best of both worlds, to create a healthier society overall
26:15 – Understanding trauma in general, and in people
32:50 – The spiritual void in the world that the latest generations grew up in
39:50 – This being a ‘default state’ today
44:45 – Talking about a few trends, and ways that people handle trauma lately
50:00 – Pilgrimage, in general
01:00:10 – Where to find and how to join Miles
01:04:05 – Miles’s message to all of you

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What Does it Mean to Take Refuge?

Feb 15, 2020

Excerpt from Class 3 of Find True Refuge

I actually want to put this under the point of what does it mean to take refuge. Now that you have the causes, what are the two causes? Fear and confidence.

Then what are the three objects? The reliances. You rely on the Buddha as the epitome, as the benchmark. He did it. It's possible. It's like the first four minute mile. Somebody did it. It's possible. Once somebody does it then it catches fire. It becomes a possibility for anyone. Now you have people in their sixties and seventies doing four minute, three minute miles. Same like that, the Buddha did it. Boom. The world changed.

Dharma. Conventionally you rely on his teachings. Without the teachings where are you going to go? What are you going to do? And without support how much gain do we make without support? How much gain do we make on our own?

Whether it's worldly or spiritual, the same package is there. Whether you're training your body, whether you want to be an athlete, whether you...

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Let's Talk... the Shadow

Feb 13, 2020

In this Episode of Let's Talk, Miles and Heather explore spiritual bypassing, trauma, and the benefits of integrating Buddhism and psychotherapy. The thread that ties these topics together is the notion of working with what Carl Jung called the shadow, the unseen, unwanted aspects of our psyche.

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Let's Talk Trauma and Spirituality

Nov 13, 2019

In this episode of Let's Talk... Heather and Miles explore the three characteristics that define trauma and why its so important for anyone interested in wellbeing and spirituality to be trauma-informed.

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You Are Not Alone

Oct 21, 2019

In this excerpt from Trauma-Informed Dharma, Miles speaks to students about the challenges of doing trauma work.

"The last few classes have not been easy for a lot of you. I've gotten some feedback, myself included, my own body giving me feedback about what gets kicked up and stirred up when you do this kind of work. It's important that I reiterate the fact that you're not alone.

Number one, whatever you're going through and whatever you're experiencing on your heroic journey, whatever is getting kicked up, whatever is coming out from the shadow, it's incredibly courageous of you. You have made a choice not to distract and dampen your senses and run to all that is on offer in your modern materialistic culture.

You have done something evolutionarily courageous. Something that perhaps no one has been able to do for generations. I like to keep putting this in context that we are souls traveling through vast stretches of time and space and even though modern culture is telling us you're...

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Third Eye Drops Podcast | Where the Treasure Hides with Dr. Miles Neale | Mind Meld 176 |

Oct 21, 2019

Miles talks with Michael Phillip of the Third Eye Drops podcast about:

  • death and rebirth
  • slaying the dragon and claiming the treasure
  • balance of the feminine and masculine
  • the power and necessity of social justice movements and the danger posed by their shadow
  • the origins of the Contemplative Studies Program
  • trauma
  • plant medicine and the need for integration after transformative experiences
    and more...

Listen here.


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The Power of Pilgrimage

Oct 17, 2019

 Buddhist pilgrimage starts with the advice of the Buddha. The Buddha said, once I'm gone, please go to the various sites that are associated with my life, the milestones of my life, and he said, there you will find me.

It means that in those places, there you will find him. There you will find his essence which is really your essence. It's not about the Buddha and finding the Buddha. It's about finding the Buddha within. To me, pilgrimage is a reconnection of spirit and the idea is for us to venture out of our materialistic corporate bubble and to venture into another world where we gain access to our innate sense of purpose and meaning and value as spiritual beings.

For a practitioner who wants to upstart their meditation or deepen their understanding or gain access to a lineage or find greater meaning or purpose, there's nothing more powerful than being at places like that where you enter into the stream. The world of spirit speaks a different language. It’s about...

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The Real Purpose of Awareness

Oct 15, 2019

In this excerpt from the online course Master Your Becoming, Miles talks about the purpose of recognition and choice.

The importance of awareness is not in any given moment, necessarily to calm down, although that's an amazing thing.

It's not necessarily in the moment to have a different reaction to our pain, although that's an amazing thing.

The purpose is to shift out of unconsciousness in order to make an inroad and direct consciousness over evolution. If you get a chance to read the Buddhist Origins [of Mindfulness] article that I wrote, in there are two aspects that we're really trying to develop. These are called recognition and choice. Just to keep it very simple in your own life, think about some imprint, habit, reaction that you have. If you're if you're unconscious and you get triggered then you react and that reaction doesn't just stop there. That reaction has a reinforcement contingency and creates momentum of its own. As long as there's unconsciousness and imprint...

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Buddha at the Gas Pump

Oct 10, 2019

If you missed the Buddha at the Gas Pump livestream, the recording is now available. Miles and host Rick Archer cover a variety of topics including the gradual path to awakening, mcmindfulness, trauma and misconduct in spiritual communities.

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Buddhist Pilgrimage: Purpose and Practice: deepening one’s connection, devotion and commitment to the Dharma

Oct 10, 2019

Pilgrimage changed my life, and in the last twenty years since my first adventure to the holy sites of the Buddha in Northern India when I was just twenty years old, I’ve had the fortune to embark on five other excursions. Now I lead pilgrimages to sacred sites all over Buddhist Asia, from India to Nepal, Sri Lanka to Java. In preparing for these journeys, I want to explore the purpose and practice of pilgrimage from a Buddhist point of view.

There are many reasons for travel these days: business travel facilitates networking opportunities and the conducting of commercial transactions. A vacation affords much-needed rest and relaxation and the chance to indulge the senses. Sightseeing tours offer onlookers a convenient means to observe ancient, historical or cultural landmarks, maximizing exposure in short duration. But pilgrimage is a unique reason for travel that is distinct in its motivation and execution.

Pilgrimage group with Dr. Miles Neale in Rajgir, Nalanda...

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